Sensor Size 1/2.7"
F/NO. 2
EFL 1.34
TTL 16.78
Thread Size M12*P0.5
FOV(H/V/D) >200°/127°/>200°
Structure 2G4P


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Surround view camera lens,also known as panoramic image monitoring system, can stitch together bird view images from various directions on the top of the car and dynamically display them on the LCD screen inside the car; In addition, the surround camera lens   can also recognize parking lane signs, curbs, and nearby vehicles. Some of the most advanced surround view imaging systems, when used in conjunction with sonar, can issue real-time warnings to remind drivers to get too close to obstacles.

A surround view imaging system has been installed on the car, and through cameras lens with reasonable location distribution, the driver can clearly see the images around the car. In this way, not only can the occurrence of reverse crushing accidents be effectively prevented, but probability events such as scratching the bumper and wheel hub can also be avoided.

How does the surround view camera lens work in daily life? On the one hand, car owners can check if the car is parked in the center of their own lane; Secondly, if you are in an unfamiliar environment, even if the lane is curved, downhill, or the rearview mirror is not working, the surround view camera lens can come in handy; Of course, when reversing, or parking vertically or sideways, without the assistance of automatic parking function, the panoramic image monitoring system can almost perfectly park the car in the parking space, maintaining a distance of about 15 to 30 centimeters from the curb.

In a word,the surround view camera lens not only allows drivers to detect pedestrians in a timely manner, but also effectively reduces driver nervousness, preventing bumper collisions, vehicle scratches, and wheel damage. Compared to the insurance deductible and the increase in premiums caused by multiple parking accidents, as long as the lifespan of the surround view camera lens can exceed ten years, it is definitely worth it. In the near future, the 360 degree panoramic imaging monitoring system with lenses will inevitably fly into ordinary cars like seat belts.